Thursday, April 14, 2011

More felting soapy goodness

Yesterday, I felted some bars of soap to show a local soap artisan next week. Hope good things come from our meeting. :)


  1. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love yours!! And these soaps are really amazing!!!! I have always wondered about felted soaps!! How do they work??? I am following you back!

  2. Oh I just love felted soaps. It's awesome and amazing how you have designed that gray bar.

  3. Thanks ladies!! The gray bar is actually a natural brown Alpaca fibre. Thanks, I wasn't sure about needle felting on the soap, but with the wet felting as a base it worked rather well. :)

    Felted soaps can be used for personal use or for decoration. It is just a scrubby with the soap built inside. It is reusable until the soap is gone, and the best part is the felted wool can be composted! :)
    Take it on a trip or give as an awesome gift! :)

  4. I'm your newest follower :)!


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