Monday, March 21, 2011

What's coming up for CBH...

Well, I am super excited, because I picked up my new Janome needle felting machine today! My husband was home for 4 days, and that proved to be an unproductive time for me. Yesterday, I helped him bring in more firewood, and dropped a large piece on my foot. I did have socks on, but it SURE did HURT! I got a cut, and some bruising. I don't think the toes are broken because I can move them, but the way I was carrying on you would have thought I had my foot amputated without anesthetic!

I have a friend lined up to watch Molly for a few hours over the next two days so I can finish my organizing, and do a big house cleaning. Thursday, I am going to get busy with my new bear orders. If things go well as I expect they will, I will be able to finish the bears so much quicker with this machine. I am already dreaming up new projects to work on with and without the machine.

The local farmer's market will be starting up in May, so I hope to get some things made up to sell there as well, maybe once a month. I am so excited about the possibilities!

Meanwhile, I am watching it snow again. sigh. Spring, please, please come to stay. :)

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