Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I want one of these!!

Well, I want a needle felting machine of some sort. I have seen them listed as needle felting machines, embellishers, needle punch machines, felting machines, and punch machines. I have done some research on them, and they are just a handful out there. Janome has one, but very hard to find in Canada unless you find a dealer to order it for you. Baby Lock is also a good company. I have a local shop here in Quesnel trying to find out the price for this Husqvarna Viking ER10 Embellisher. I really would love to have this, or a similar machine ,but if it is out of my budget, then I will likely get a needle felting tool attachment and convert a used sewing machine.
So we will see!

I didn't even know that Husqvarna made sewing machines! According to the lady at the sewing shop Husqvarna is the G.E. of Europe...they make everything! :)


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