Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have some motivation!

I have talked about for weeks that I am cleaning up my craft room/office space. Well, I did a little bit, and quit. I got great news yesterday , that I am getting a Janome FM-725 needle felting machine!! Soo, I reallly need to have a proper place to work. I have started taking over one corner of the living room, and I know that my husband will be glad to see all of my stuff out of there, and it its proper place.

I have taken before pictures. SCARY! It seriously looks like an episode of hoarders in this one room. The weather is starting to warm a little, and the snow is starting to melt! YEAH! So spring is on its way slowly. I will be glad when I can open the windows, and air out the house!

Next week is Spring Break here in Quesnel, and I certainly hope Spring is on its way. :)

I can't wait to finish, so I can post after pics of my new work space! :)

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