Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun & Simple rainy day craft for the kids

Free Flying Kite

My husband came up with this cool idea for a kid's craft the other day.
A fun and simple craft for the kids to do on a snowy or rainy day, and dream of warm sunny weather!

You will need:

colorful paper
20 gauge craft wire
curling ribbon

1. First cut out a diamond shape from your paper,
you can decorate it the way you want

2. Cut some pieces of ribbon for your tail

3. Tape the ribbon to the backside of the diamond for the tail

4. Cut a length of craft wire. I used a 20 gauge plastic coated wire.

5. Poke it through the center of the diamond, and secure it to the back with a piece of tape.

6. Shape the wire to look like floating kite string. My husband says to make it as straight as you can. I put waves in my example, and technically wouldn't resemble a flying kite. :)
You can go an extra step, and paste a matching diamond shape to the back to give it a finished look.

7. Put a loop at the end for the kids to hold on to.

Once your kite is put together, it is time for fun. The kids can run around through the house like they are flying a kite. Very cute!

Have fun!

Another creation is on it's way to his new home. I have refrained from posting pics on my blog so as not to spoil the surprise for the recipient.
I have linked up my picasa album here for those that want to see this sweet, sweet needle felted bear! :)

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