Monday, January 10, 2011


I came across a blog post about organizing your craft area, but heck if I remember where I saw it, but it gave me some decorating and organizing ideas for my craft room.

I have got to get in there, and clean it up once again, or I fear I might end up on an episode of hoarders! Just that room though. :) It always ends up a dump all room. :( I need a proper place to work on my projects too. I have the ideal space, and I finally am rid of the dreaded cat box! It is now in my husband's man cave. :)

Anyhow, I saw several pictures where button collections were separated in jars by colors, and it looked so neat. I went to our Dollarama (which is an awesome store for crafty things!) , and got about a dozen of these little glass cannisters for $1 each! Who can beat that? I have a whack load of buttons, and it is nicer having them separated like this. I tried little plastic containers, but I didn't have them separated. You can see them so much better through the glass jars, and it looks nice, and adds colour to the area. :) I got a couple of larger cannisters for a $1.25 each, and I will likely go back to get more to put all kinds of supplies, and stuff in. :)

When I finally get it all together, I will post pictures! :)


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  2. Thanks for popping in on my blog! Have a fabulous Monday eve!! Peace, Love and LIght, Kelly

  3. You must be a fellow Canadian- visiting the Dollarama! I am so jealous that you have a whole craft room. I seriously need to organize my craft stuff too- when I sit down to scrapbook my husband and I have to eat supper on our laps because my supplies take over the table!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Lila

  4. Hey jen, I'm popping over from thanks for taking a look at my blog. I am trying to sort my craft room out too so may have to look out for some glass jars to put my buttons in. We don't have a dollarama in the uk but Poundland is a similar store. I have just revamped some tin cans to use as storage over on my blog have a peek if you fancy making some x x

  5. Thanks for the follow! Very cute blog. I wish I was crafty! Anyways, thought I'd follow back! Have a great rest of the week!
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  6. I posted a blog aboouut this a few weeks ago! I love the idea of colour coordinated buttons and can't wait to post pictures of my collection!

  7. You have such an amazing blog! I am officially following. I cannot believe you found these jars at a dollar store, I am so jealous! I love jars for organization, and these are wonderful to look at. I've been cleaning out my used pasta sauce jars, but I'll need to keep my eyes wide for something like this.


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