Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cariboo Butterfly Holiday Special!

Holiday Special for Facebook Fans Only! For current fans and new fans, Multicoloured Felted Soaps 4 for $20 plus shipping, regularly priced $8 per bar. Place orders now for Christmas! This promotion ends November 15th. These make fantastic stocking stuffers! Choose from these scents : Chamomile, Calendula, Goat's Milk, Tea Tree , Lavender,Blackberry Sage, Dragon's Blood, vanilla spice, chocolate, and unscented.
To order: message me with what colours you want, scents and how many bars. I will write up an invoice and email it to you. Payment is due at time order is placed. I accept paypal only for anyone not local to Quesnel. Quesnel folks, I accept paypal, cash or cheque and we can arrange a time to meet to get payment. Allow 1-3 weeks delivery depending on soap availability. Thanks!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogging on the back burner...

Wow, how incredibly busy I have been. I have so much on the go, and I suspect that I will not have much time to blog in the next several weeks. My daughter just started to kindergarten, and so now I am finding my spare time is not so spare. :) I am currently working on designing a art display to showcase my work in the Artrium at the Quesnel Arts and Recreation Centre for the month of October! That is really exciting. I am also have some workshops coming up in November and December that I need to plan for. I have several items for sale at Cariboo Keepsakes in Quesnel, and I soon will be volunteering my time working some shifts there pretty soon. I also have another venture in the works...details to come later. So, busy times ahead for me. All this, and with orders for soaps, and scarves to do as well!! Plus we are planning a big trip to the states for Christmas that I need to make stuff for! Exciting times ahead! :) Here are some pictures of my latest projects.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bleach Stenciled T- Shirts

A very cute and fun craft to do with older kids is bleach stenciling! My husband and daughter turned me on to this just recently. All you need is a coloured t-shirt, spray bottle, bleach, stick on stencils. You can make your own stencils out of contact paper if you are artistic, or if you aren't as artistic and want an easier option, you can buy pre-cut adhesive stencils that you can use more than once.

For the stenciling solution, you mix 50/50 bleach and water and put in the spray bottle.
You add your design to your t-shirt with the adhesive stencils. You will want to do this outside, so that you don't get bleach on anything you don't want to. Spray the design with the bleach solution really well, and let sit for 5 minutes or more, just until you notice the shirt has lightened. Then take a garden hose, and rinse off the bleach to stop the bleaching process. You can also submerge the shirt in a container of clean cool water to wash off the bleach. Take off the stencil and ring out. Then you can hang your shirt up to dry outside, or put in the dryer on a low heat setting. Once dry your shirt is ready!! Enjoy!!

The art for these two shirts was inspired by my daughter. The orange shirt is a copy of some of my daughter's own art work : space cats!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

200 Likes Giveaway!

I am 3 likes away from 200 likes on my facebook page !!! If you haven't been by my facebook page, I have a giveaway going on right now. The giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight. To enter, just like my facebook page, and click on this link to enter. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I have been up to!

Hello, sorry for the lack of posting this last little while. I have been really busy with projects. I have been finishing up orders, and making some really pretty things.
I finished up all of my bears orders finally, made a beautiful nuno felted scarf, made a dino pillow, and I just made a pretty quilted rag pillow last night!
Here are some pictures of my latest!
Hope this finds you well.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I need your help...Please

I have written about my friend Erin and her wonderful little boy Thor from Paw 4 Thor in recent weeks. Thor was diagnosed with autism, general anxiety disorder, and also sensory processing disorder a couple of months ago. Erin has been feverishly fund raising for Thor's service dog that he desperately needs. She has raised nearly half of the $13,000 she needs for just the dog.

She is raising the funds to get his dog through Paws 4 Ability. Erin is currently in the top 3 in a contest with giveback.org to win $50,000 for a charity of her choice. She has been in the top and second positions, but she is now back to third place as of today. She has until July 17th to pull this out of the bag. If she wins the money,the monies will be used to top up her son's account with Paws4Ability and the rest will be given to other families trying to get a service dog as well. She gets 50 impact points for every person she gets to sign up with giveback.org. At the end of the contest , the person with the most impact points wins the money. The money goes directly to the charity of her choice, and she has chosen Paws4Ability.

As an incentive to get people to sign up with her special link she is going to give away $100 to one person if she should win. Signing up is simple, and only a two click process. You can opt out of emails from giveback.org.

Please watch this video , then follow the link below to sign up to help this little boy and others have a safer more productive life.

Help Erin win $50,000 for charity (which will help get Thor his service dog!) Just click "connect with facebook" and that's it! https://www.giveback.org/onehundreddays.aspx?refid=36816

You can also help by tweeting and sharing this post. Thanks. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guest Blogging over at Cathy's Corner

I am a new guest blogger over at Cathy's Corner on the Crafts2U website. It is an exciting venture, and I hope to meet some great people, and learn a lot of new things.
You should go check out Cathy's Corner!

If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger on Cathy's Corner, and join the Crafts2U community , drop me a note, and I will pass on contact information for you.
Email: cariboobutterfly@gadgeteer.net

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My felted soaps are now available for order through my Etsy shop

I have now listed my custom made needle felted and felted soaps in my Etsy shop for sale.
Felted soaps make wonderful gifts, are fully functional , as well as decorative! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paws 4Thor

I mentioned in a previous post about my friend Erin and her remarkable little boy Thor from Paws 4 Thor.

Erin is currently in the lead for winning $50,000 from giveback.org to give to charities of her choice. She plans on giving the money directly to Paws 4 Ability to get Thor his service dog, and help other families get a service dog too.

This was taken directly from her blog: It doesn't cost anything to help, and it is a simple 2 click process and you can opt out of any emails from giveback.org
Please consider helping her. Thank you so much.

Dear Friends,

I'm sitting here writing this...begging you to help me. This time I'm not asking for money. I'm asking for 2 clicks of your time. You see, I have a real chance at winning $50,000 for the charity of my choice and I REALLY need your help...

PLEASE Click [this link], then click "Connect with Facebook" - that's it! If you don't have a Facebook account you can manually enter your email to sign up on the Give Back website.

I get 50 points for every person who does this, and if I have the most on July 17th I win $50,000 for charity! Enough to top up Thor's file and reach his goal for his service dog AND to help several other families in need of a service dog!

As of this morning,I am in 1st PLACE and still have until July 17th to win this ---
PLEASE HELP ME... it costs nothing...just 2 clicks of your time could mean changing the life of my son and others like him who are in need of a Service Dog.

*note: I don't receive the money directly, I am simply competing to be allowed to say which charity receives the funds...and in my case I will be choosing 4 Paws for Ability, Inc - the non-profit agency we're currently fundraising for to get Thor's Autism Service Dog.

With your help, I can do this.

And if you're willing to lend a bit more help, here's my referral link you can share on your blog, twitter, facebook, email, etc. (just copy and paste)


If you have a blog, you can also post this button which will link directly to this post...

Thanks for all your help!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A giveaway is on the way!

Ok, nearly time for a new giveaway!! I will be doing a giveaway for one of my felted bars of soap once my facebook page hits 200 likes! The winner will get to choose the design, colours, and scent of their choice from a list of available colours and scents.
You can visit my facebook page @ Cariboo Butterfly Handmade

Thanks for your support! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lovely Dogwood for a Southern Gal living up North!

I have a friend Dana, she is a fellow artisan. She is the heart and soul behind Colors of the Woods Jewelry. She makes lovely jewelry as well as beautifully handcrafted ceramics. I asked her if she would make me one of her lovely business card holders, and in exchange I would needle felt her a bookmark. So, she asked for something that would remind her of the South, where we both grew up respectively, but only met virtually after we had long left Alabama. So, I decided on the Dogwood Tree which I thought was the state tree, but I am mistaken. Anyhow, the Dogwood Tree is a beautiful tree, and has fragrant white or pink flowers. It is a lovely sweet reminder of my years growing up in Alabama.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Soaps ready for sale!

I dropped off a handful of soaps at Cariboo Keepsakes on Friday! I have a few more to take this week. :) So exciting!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A shout out!

I want you to meet Anna Luna - she is the craftista behind Crafty Girls Workshop!
For great fabric, patterns, and classes you should go by and take a look. Tell her I sent you! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank you all to those that have participated in Handmade Love Thursday.

I have decided to stop hosting Handmade Love Thursday for the time being. There has been a decline in interest, and I simply do not have the time I would like to dedicate to blog hops at this time. I would like to thank all of you that have participated in the hop, and I will be sure to let everyone know again when I have time to dedicate to it properly. When I decided to do the hop, it seemed I had the time, but that has changed. I guess being busy is a good thing. :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Craft Term of the Day- Yarn Bombing!

Have you ever heard of yarn bombing?

I have seen the concept, but didn't know what it was called. I saw a really cool commercial for Natural Gas that was pretty awesome. I was googling earlier about felting, and somehow came across this super cool event happening in Vancouver. I am not a knitter per se, but I know people that are. At any rate, it would be super cool to see. :)

2011 Mini Maker Faire Vancouver-Calling all Yarn Bombers!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why Handmade?

I can think of a few reasons why I love to make and give handmade gifts.

1. A lot of thought and consideration goes into a handmade gift. When I get a handmade gift, I know the person took time to really think of me.

2. There is so much room for creativity , and personalization with handmade gifts.

3. The feeling of joy when you see the smile on the face of the person you gave the gift to.

4. Handmade gifts are so versatile, and they don't have to be complicated.

5. Best of all, handmade gifts come from the heart ♥.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Handmade Love Thursday!


This blog hop is all about sharing things handmade. Show us your creativity. I can't wait to see what everyone has to share!

The Rules:

1. Please do not link up to any shops, only blog posts about your creations.

2. Please post my blog hop button on a post or somewhere on your blog. If you chose to follow ( not required) Cariboo Butterfly Handmade please be sure to leave a comment. I love comments, and will check and respond to each one...though it might take me a day or two. :)

3. Post up to 2 entries only.

4. Please keep entries family friendly.

5. Please try to follow back anyone that follows you from the hop. Thanks! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Handmade Love Thursday


This blog hop is all about sharing things handmade. Show us your creativity. I can't wait to see what everyone has to share!

The Rules:

1. Please do not link up to any shops, only blog posts about your creations.

2. Please post my blog hop button on a post or somewhere on your blog. If you chose to follow ( not required) Cariboo Butterfly Handmade please be sure to leave a comment. I love comments, and will check and respond to each one...though it might take me a day or two. :)

3. Post up to 2 entries only.

4. Please keep entries family friendly.

5. Please try to follow back anyone that follows you from the hop. Thanks! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Quesnel Crafter's Society

I am really excited that I am going to submit some of my work to the Quesnel Crafter's Society. The society runs a co-op gift shop in town called Cariboo Keepsakes. I am going to talk to one of the ladies on Thursday, and submit some of my work for approval from the board. If my work is approved, then I can join the society, and be part of the co-op. I am kind of nervous about submitting my work for scrutiny, but I think it will be just fine. I am the world's worst critic of my own work. I think we all tend to be hard on ourselves when it comes to creativity. One of my submissions is a needle felted string jointed bunny rabbit. I drew up the pattern yesterday, and started working on it yesterday afternoon. I think it is going to turn out really cute. :)

Here he is! This is Charlie. My daughter named him. I think he turned out so sweet! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have been pretty busy with projects lately, so I haven't been posting much lately at all, and for that I am sorry.
I however, have something really exciting to share with you all.

When, I turned 40 back in December, I decided it was high time that I get a tattoo. I have been toying with the idea for about 15 years. I finally decided it was time to make that a reality.

I really wanted to work with a female artist, and was happy to discover a young artist had opened a studio in the basement of the hair salon I am going to be selling some hair accessories. ( If I ever get around to making any!!)

I wrote her, and told her I wanted to meet with her. I threw some ideas out at her. I had a few things I really wanted to incorporate into the tattoo as much as possible. I still have some other ideas maybe for a future tattoo as well. We talked about my thoughts, and her thoughts, and it wasn't until we sat down together that it all came together.

The butterfly has been part of my persona for the last 9 years. My husband wrote a poem for me in which I a butterfly. I will post that poem some day if I can pinpoint where it is. I have Celtic roots , and I feel a kinship with the Celtic culture I can't quite explain. You know how you just have that connection with something you can't quite put your finger on. That is how I feel. So, I definitely wanted a butterfly , and I wanted a Celtic feel to it. So, my artist really wanted to do a realism 3D butterfly, and had been wanting to do one for a long time. So, I agreed that would be a cool thing to do. The reflection shows the image of the butterfly in Celtic knot work.
So, the butterfly represents me, and the reflection represents my Celtic spirit. Pretty awesome, eh? :)
I am super happy with it. I go back in 3 weeks to get touch up work and a little more colour.

Hope all is well in your parts of the world!! :)