Friday, November 12, 2010

Crafting a teddy bear into life

Here are all the pictures of this order so far. :)



  1. I still have some questions about what it is you do. I watched your video and am intrigued, but how does the wool stay in place? Can you use other fabrics?

  2. Hi, well let me see if I can explain a little. You can needle felt on a number of mediums, but wool and cottons are the best.The special needle felting needle has tiny little barbs on the end of it that when it is poked through the wool roving fibres it pushes them into the fabric you are you are using it becomes part of that fabric. You have to continually poke the fibres until they are completely fused to the fabric you are using. This bear that I am doing is needle felted pieces and they are hand stitched together, then I needle felt over the seams to hide the thread. There are many forms of needle felting that only involve the wool roving, because you needle felt it into shapes. If you do a google search for needle felting, there are a number of places to get more info. One of the best sites to visit is They have awesome videos, and tutorials. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. okay, I think I get it now. That's awesome :)


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