Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, I haven't added anything new to my etsy shop because I have been busy at home with a vegetable garden, a 4 year old, and life just in general. This doesn't mean I haven't been crafting. I have actually been working different orders over the course of several weeks. I have had 5 orders with a total of 24 bookmarks, and 1 felt play purse. I also made another purse as a gift. So I am busy.

I am working on a order commissioned to me by my aunt for two of her female residents that live at the facility she works at in Colorado. My aunt gave me full artistic license on design and color choices for the bookmarks. I am super happy with the results of the 2 that I have completed. I got the idea for the second bookmark from one of my daughter's library books. I just love children's books, and the first thing I look at before anything else is the illustrations. If I like the illustrations I will like the book.

Once I get these big commissioned orders done, I am going to offer custom bookmarks on my etsy shop. So far I have been given the freedom of design and color choices for all of the projects I have done,with the exception of 2 which gave me the theme choice and colors, but I designed the art myself.

It has been very rewarding, and I feel I get better with every project I complete.

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